An Extremely Fine Georgian Marble Chimney Piece

An Extremely Fine Georgian Marble Chimney Piece

A remarkably Fine Georgian inlaid statuary white marble chimney piece, with slips of an incredibly rare and precious marble similar in style to Spanish Brocattello, reserved only for the finest 18th Century fireplaces.  Adorned on each jamb with decorative swags of ribbons, petals and dots of blue marble cascading down to the feet. 

The centre piece is a fine statuary carving depicting The Sleeping Hermaphroditus, loosely based on Venus and other Grecian female nudes.

  • Details

    Made in the 18th Century.
    The height is 151 cm.
    The width is 169 cm.
    The opening is 118 cm wide and 125 cm high.
    The width of the shelf is 177 cm.
    The shelf depth is 12 cm.



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