Fine Surround in the Manner of C R Mackintosh

Fine Surround in the Manner of C R Mackintosh

A very fine and rare wooden firesurround made in the manner of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  Crafted out of slab cut oak which gives a beautiful ripple effect on the central frieze which curves and sweeps upward to meet the shelf.  An incredibly technical feat for the carpenter. 

The surround is inlaid with various fruit woods and pewter metal to form the elegant flowers on each jamb and the central motif.

This is shown here with a red tiled insert available separately and can be viewed from our 'Inserts' page.
  • Details

    The shelf width is 152 cm.
    The depth of the shelf is 28 cm.
    The width of the legs is 141 cm.
    The height is 132 cm and the opening is 93 cm wide by 95 cm high.



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