The Heat and Light Reflector

The Heat and Light Reflector

The Heat and Light Reflector.

This magnificent fireplace was made circa 1850 by Henry Jobson who exhibited it at The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London.

The stove is fitted with a parabolic reflector made from highly polished metal and designed to reflect heat as well as light into the room. This incredibly unique idea has not been replicated since and this fireplace was lost to history until we recently acquired this magnificent fireplace and we believe it to be one of only a very small number in existence.

According to The Guide Book to The Great Exhibition of 1851

“The reflection takes place from a comparatively cold surface, and therefore, the air is not deprived of its
-moisture, a point of great importance to health, no less than comfort. -By the' use of this reflector, a powerful warmth is felt at a considerable distance from the fire, and light as well as heat is diffused into every corner.

The appearance of this stove is extremely elegant, and ornamental, and the form is peculiarly susceptible of embellishment and decoration. The price is, also, considering its numerous advantages, exceedingly moderate.”

Incredibly rare and incredibly fine. This fireplace would make a handsome and unique addition to ones home and hearth.
  • Details

    The height is 47 inches.
    The width of the legs is 52.5 inches.
    The shelf width is 64.5 inches.
    The shelf depth is 8.5 inches.
    And the radius of the opening is 32 inches.